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Trying Vegan Chocolate

May 16, 2017

Hello all! Welcome to another itsallzara post, today I tried vegan chocolate for the first time and I'm super excited to share my thoughts about it.

I looooooove chocolate as many people do, but obviously I'm attempting to transition to veganism so I definitely went on the hunt for vegan chocolate to enjoy.

Tesco Vegan chocolate
These products are by Tesco and they were relatively cheap! Tesco are currently doing a 3 for 2 on their free from stuff which is great because they do:
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Dairy Free
Lactose Free
Soy Free

I was quite happy to read on the back of the label that the products were suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians and I picked up 3 of each products.

Chocolate bar
The first thing I got were 3 of these chocolate bars that were 45p each but 3 for 2 meant I could get 3 for just 90p! That's pretty good in my opinion especially as some people think vegan foods are all expensive.

The chocolate itself tastes like dark chocolate which I like anyway so this wasn't a huge change to my taste buds. Obviously without milk its a little less sweeter than normal chocolate but there is still a fairly high sugar warning on the front of the package so be sure to double check that!

Lil buttons
I also got three bags of these little buttons which were 40p each but with the 3 for 2 offer I got 3 bags for 80p. Again the sugars and fats are a little high but each bag is only 25g so it's not something you can eat mass amounts of. They also taste like dark chocolate and are actually lovely, I definitely don't miss the extra sugar in regular chocolate when eating them.

Good old chocolate
I think overall these are super nice, they're definitely worth the money and its a great way for vegans (especially children) to enjoy chocolate without worrying about added dairy, gluten or wheat! Will be buying them again when I've gotten through them all for sure.

If you're interested in vegetarian food, vegan foods or how to cut meat and dairy out your diet you can tweet me on Twitter at @itsallzara or email me at zaraanne@hotmail.co.uk!


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  1. I seriously wonder if there-s any way that chocolate won't taste good... hahaha
    Have you tried, regular, super dark chocolate? I have no idea if it's Vegan-proof, though...

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    1. Yes I've tried 98% dark chocolate! It was a bit strong for me and like you said I'm not sure if its 100% vegan xx

  2. Yes, this all looks so good!! One vegan chocolate that's a tad expensive but is a life-changer so I'll recommend it anyway, is Vego chocolate. It is THE BEST. the bars are quite big but i've eaten entire ones in a day, they're amazing haha.
    - dani, dansy.co.uk

    1. Ahh I need to find it! I've had a few people recommend it to me thank you! xx

  3. I love this post! I’ve been a vegan for 3 months now and I’ve been living of bourbons to get my chocolate fix! The only chocolate I’ve had so far that is the exact same as normal chocolate was a deluxe easter egg from Ocado. However I do also like the Tesco and Sainsbury's chocolate bars :)

    1. Ooh bourbons are vegan?? I love those! And yeah I forgot to get a vegan Easter Egg this year, ah well Christmas should be fun! xx

  4. I've tried so many different, mostly the overly expensive ones from Whole Foods or Holland and Barret, but I have to say the Tesco ones are actually some of my favorites. The white chocolate is really good too.

    1. I love the Vego bars from H&B but I agree the Tesco ones are great! Thanks for reading xx