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Vegan Meal Ideas

May 30, 2017

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have done a few posts regarding my change to vegetarianism, the foods I've eaten since changing my diet and even some reviews of meals I've had out as a vegetarian. Here are a few examples below;

Well it is 2 months since I made the change to cut out meat and most dairy from my diet and as of the 25th of May I declared myself 100% vegan and stocked up on some amazing vegan foods to try (see below picture) to get me started.
Vegan Haul
Since buying these foods I have enjoyed every single one that I have tried and some of them were things I got anyway; houmous is something I've always liked, the sweet potato falafels have been something I've enjoyed for quite a while now and the chocolate milk is something I've drank before too. So for me making the switch from meat and dairy to vegetarian and then finally to vegan wasn't difficult at all, it just meant putting a bit more thought into what I eat and looking out for sneaky animal products in food.

Below are some more meals I've made since giving up meat and dairy, and I have a thread on my Twitter including all of these which you can find HERE
Pasta & Meatballs with Violife vegan cheese and garlic bread
Quorn meatballs in a home made tomato sauce, with boiled penne pasta and mixed together until cooked. It is then topped with parsley and vegan cheese with a side of garlic bread.
Quorn Chicken & Linda Mccartney vegan sausage pealla 
Quorn chicken is cooked in a pan with broccoli, olives and spinach while the sausages are being grilled. When the sausages are done they are chopped and added to the pan with garlic, chilli and precooked vegetable rice.
Quorn chicken with vegan cheese and vegan mayo couscous salad
Couscous is prepared and left to cool while Quorn chicken is cooked in a pan with olives, peppers, chilli and tomatoes. A base of lettuce is added to the bowl before couscous is poured over it followed by the chicken and veggies. Topped with vegan cheese and mayo.
"Steak" fajitas with vegan mayo and vegan cheese
Quorn steak is cooked in a pan with onions and peppers while the tortilla is gently warmed, served with vegan mayo, vegan cheese and salsa.

If anyone wants the full recipes for anything I've made or information of where to purchase some of the products I've used feel free to either Tweet me (itsallzara) or comment below! Can't wait to see what I have in store in next months update.


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  1. That paella loooks amazing! I'm going to make Jambalaya this week and I've never had it before so I'm excited to give it a try - it's quite similar but made with a lot of tomatoes as well!