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My Lush Bubble Bar Faves!

May 05, 2017

As a lover of Lush I wanted to do a post based on my favourite bubble bars that I use or buy on a frequent basis, most of these are seasonal ones which are only available for a certain time period but one of the reasons I love them so much is their exclusivity and the excitement of being able to buy them again. I haven't actually been to lush in a while BUUUUUUT I have many bubble bars and soaps saved from my visits earlier this year.
So here are a few of my bubble bar faves;
This is The Christmas Penguin bubble bar and it is ADORABLE! Mines a bit worn and stained due to being in my box since December and I've kept him this long because hes too cute to use! I love this one because of how creamy and soft the bubbles are when you run it under the tap, it really adds to a relaxing atmosphere where you can chill out.
This is the Unicorn Horn bubble bar and I actually did review this one a while back, you can find that post HERE. Adding to this review it is one of my favourite because of its color, fun shape and the fact that its unicorn related is a bonus! Definitely a fun little bubble bar to have in your collection and it doubles up as a pretty little bathroom ornament.
This is the Magic Of Christmas bubble bar wand and the reason this is one of my favourites is actually the scent more so than the looks of it. I love the whole clove and cinnamon scent and when this is used you get immediately transported to the land of Christmas, winter, snow and sitting by a warm fire. The glitter on this is so pretty as well and I love the little ribbon!
This is the Ladybird bubble bar which is one of my favourites because it is so sweet and its about on par with the Penguin bubble bar due to the sweet little animal design. This one gives off purple water and fluffy bubbles that smell like Vimto (its a soda) which is fun!

Like Lush? Leave a comment telling me your favourite Lush products!


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  1. I have to first of all say OMG how did you get the Unicorn Horn to stand that way? xD

    I LOVE most of the bubble bars you've added to your list! I've never tried the Penguin or the Ladybird bubble bars but they smell amazing! I'm actually gutted I've missed out on the Ladybird two years in a row now. :( I've cut back on buying Lush so much since 2015 and it sucks. :(

    I adore Unicorn Horn and in the past I've bought so many just so I can use them throughout the year before I go to sleep. ^_^

    Some of my favourite bubble bars are Supertramp (Oxford Street/Kitchen exclusive), The Comforter, Big Bang, Milky Bath and the reusable Cherry Blossom (Oxford Street/Kitchen exclusive).

    I'd love to hear what other Lush products you love! :D


    1. I propped the unicorn horn up haha I cheated! I do a lot of Lush reviews so feel free to check those out and thank you for your comment! xx

  2. Aww the Penguin is one of my faves too. I hope they bring him back for Christmas. If you ever run out, the Olive Branch shower gel shares the same scent but it's a bit more pungent in shower gel form.


    1. Ooh thank you I'll take a look! xx

  3. The unicorn bubble bar is forever the prettiest thing and the scent of the 'magic of Christmas sounds to die for!.
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

    1. Its so pretty I love it, I still have one or two I dont wanna use up haha xx