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My First Vegetarian Nandos!

May 07, 2017

Hello readers! So as some of you may remember I recently reviewed my first ever vegetarian Pizza Hut experience (for those who missed it you can find it HERE) and today I will be reviewing my first vegetarian meal from Nandos in Princes Quay - Hull!
Nandos is a favourite of mine when it comes to food because their food is amazing, their restaurants are always clean and well decorated and they always have fantastic customer service. This time was no different despite my change in meal choice. Me and Craig were both seated by a window which gave a lovely view of the water that Princes Quay have surrounding their shopping centre, it helped that it was a sunny day as what we could see of outside looked fabulous in the sunshine.
We started our meal with a plate of their roasted pitta bread and hummus with chilli oil drizzle:
As a lover of hummus and pitta bread as a combination this went down very well with me, Craig however isn't as keen on hummus but enjoyed the chilli oil and pitta bread immensely. One day I'll convert him to the hummus side but as of yet its all mine (which isn't really a bad thing!)
After this we ordered our main meal, which was the veggie burger with medium spice, a side of Peri chips and corn for me and Peri chips and rice for Craig:
I personally adore Peri chips from Nandos, they're that nice I would eat just a plate of those and some sauce! Nonetheless the veggie burger we tried was simply exquisite, it was the right amount of juicy without being greasy or watery and had the rather soft complexion that you would expect from a burger. The salad served with the burger was fresh and crisps which gave the meal a refreshing sort of taste that one can appreciate. Unfortunately I didn't snap a pic of my corn because it was still being cooked and I was too starving to wait, someone should teach me patience!
 This is a closer look at Craig's meal, with the same burger and chips just a side of rice where my corn should be. He also enjoyed the meal and was impressed by how lovely a vegetarian burger can be when he's used to the real thing. All in all we both appreciated Nando's vegetarian cuisine and the customer service was (as always) impeccable.
I will probably do further reviews of the veggie meals I try from food places in the future, but until then farewell!


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  1. im not a vegetarian but even so, this sounds amazing! Might have to try this out!

    1. It was gorgeous, hope you do try it! xx