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My First Vegan Dinner - Hungry Horse Style!

May 29, 2017

As some of you may know I recently made the switch from Vegetarian to full blown Vegan (hurray!) which means eating out got even more interesting as I will get to try different styles of food and foods I love made in different ways! One thing I love is curry, whether its Indian or Chinese I love a good curry with plenty of spice. A couple days ago I went to dinner with my Dad and my boyfriend Craig to a lovely pub in Scunthorpe called The Old Farmhouse, and the catering there is sponsored by a company called Hungry Horse.

While drinking a fantastic cocktail (consisting of vodka, orange juice and a slice of pineapple) I gazed through the menu and saw that they had a vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry, this came with rice, chips, poppadoms, chutney and onion bhajis - and it was delicious!
I gave the poppadoms to my dad as I don't like them and I wasn't sure about the bhajis being vegan so I left them, but everything that I DID eat was so good and extremely filling. The curry had a gorgeous spice to it with a herb-like after taste, the chips were crunchy and the rice was soft, so all in all a great experience. My Dad has a small cheeseburger and fries and Craig had a vegetarian burrito (I haven't recruited him to vegan status yet!) and they both enjoyed their food.

Big thank you to the staff at this pub for accommodating my dietary requirements and being so friendly. Truly a great dinner!


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