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Let's Talk - Music!

May 06, 2017

It is time for ANOTHER Let's Talk post and this time we are discussing Music! Here are the links to my previous Let's Talks so far:
On this weeks post I have some fabulous guest writers joining me giving me the rundown of their music faves, so give it up for:

@ChelseaAnn1996 from https://www.thinkfeelstrong.com/
@PortysDiary from http://portysdiary.blogspot.co.uk/
@Mchispeaks from http://blog.mchiouji.me/

I'm so pleased to have these three writing for me this week, here are their thoughts on Music:

Chelsea's thoughts: "Music is my favorite thing in the world, it's always playing, literally. Whether I'm in my room, car, or at the gym. Especially at the gym. Music has such a power, it can relax you, it can uplift you, and help you kickass when you're in workout! I think it's such a wonderful thing and there's always new songs or artists to discover!

Spotify has been the greatest discovery for me with my love for music. Unlimited music, for such a discounted price of $5 a month for being a student, I love it so much. My music taste are always changing, I listen to quite a variety of artists and genres, but my absolute favorites at the moment have to be, Talk by Salvatore Ganacci, I Wonder by The Him, and Pill by Heuse. Try the last song at the gym and thank me later!"

Barbara's thoughts: "Music is one of main passions; I can’t think of any day that I have not listen to it.
Sometimes it works as a motivator, as therapy, as an escape, or simply as a companion. Due to this, I listen and enjoy several genres. It all depends on the mood, the situation, the location, you name it.
There are some bands like UB40, INXS or even Gloria Estefan that automatically bring me back to my childhood and flashbacks invade my mind. This is something so remarkable that only music and food have this power, in my opinion.
My favorite genres would be Rock & Metal, but I also enjoy some good Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical and even House. Oh, let’s not forget the good old 80’s music! Love it!! Recently discovered Lounge to be the best blogging-friendly music.
But if there is on genre that I really dislike is Jazz… I can’t get it!
I love going to shows and festivals; there’s something so special about seeing your favorite artists on stage performing your favorite songs… I can’t really put it in words.
Some shows have a special spot in my heart with lovely memories, such as: watching my favorite band for the first time; witness the perfect blend between metal and classical music on stage, in front of more than 4k people from all over the World; watching a choir and orchestra playing one of my favorite pieces from Mozart. The memories are endless…
Music has allowed me to meet people from various parts of the World, and all because we share this same passion! It’s fantastic and I am forever grateful for that!
As an emigrant, I started to appreciate more and more, music that has influences from my home country; it makes the distance shorter and warms up my heart.
My favorite bands/artists are: Evanescence, Epica, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Prince, Moonspell, Metallica, Insomnium, Eminem, Adele, and so on….

I want to thank Zara for coming up with this lovely topic and let me be part of it!"

Mchi's thoughts: "Hello, lovelies! ♡ I'm Mchi from mchiblogs* and I’ve realised that when it comes to chatting music, I’m rubbish at it. But wait a moment, hear me out. I’m the type of person that can’t just chat about music, I have to rant and rave about it. Seeing as I don’t want to be that guy that takes up more space than other lovely people that have also chatted about something, I’m going to instead chat about something that I feel everyone should know a little bit more about.
But what is Bandcamp? You may be asking as I spout out this seemingly random two-word bit of confusion. Well, according to their Wikipedia page, Bandcamp is a private company that allows for music streaming and purchasing to be done. In my words, Bandcamp is a place where you can find some of the most intriguing collection of music—and in this case, intriguing can be both good or bad—and some equally as intriguing artists and creators.
It’s similar to SoundCloud in that a lot of artists found there are of the indie spectrum or on a label that isn’t major. What sets it apart from SoundCloud is how intricate their system is and how organised everything. For a site that hosts quite a lot of music—and trust me, I’ve spent a lot of hours scrolling through a single tag* and still hadn’t reached the end—their site is incredibly easy to use and navigate.
Some releases on the site are free and some costs a bit to own, but streaming is always free. Regardless, there’s something for everyone.
So why is it that I wanted to chat about Bandcamp?
The real question is why not chat about Bandcamp? I think in a world where music can get a bit repetitive and artists are constantly overlooked or just don’t get to reach the potential they probably deserve to reach, places like—especially like—Bandcamp bridge that gap.
The allow for artists to be artists and create the works of art they should be making in a place where there is far more of a chance for their talents to be seen and received.
So when you’re searching for music, give Bandcamp a chance. (They also have a blog now. I completely recommend.)"

My thoughts: Ahh music, the thing that keeps me sane. I'm currently listening to music while I write this so lets see how many words I can type before stopping to dance shall we? Anyway, the picture on the left is me taken with my favourite band Asking Alexandria, unfortunately Denis Stoff who was the bands vocalist at the time was absent but James, Ben, Cameron and Sam were all soooo sweet! I have a signed autograph from all of them. But apart from them I have one person in particular who is my total idol, one....Lady to be exact, yes thats right it is Lady Gaga! I'm sure those of you who know me well aren't surprised by this but yes she is my absolute fave. Her music and the whole Born This Way era helped me through so much, and her ARTPOP era helped me find the fun in my life during hard times. Her current Joanne era is a big help too as her music just makes me so happy. I use music as a way of relaxing, feeling confident, letting my insecurities go and have fun and I'm very thankful that I'm existing the same time as someone like Lady Gaga! I'm seeing her this October for the second time so be ready for MANY fangirling blog posts.

Do you have a favourite artists, band, music type or music related story? Share them in the comments below!


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