An Open Letter To The Manchester Attack Victims

May 24, 2017

I wanted to write something to express my sorrow and utter disbelief at the level of evil shown in recent events, I also wanted to share my thoughts regarding those injured or even killed in the Manchester attack this week. Here is an open letter to the victims;

Dear Manchester victims,
No one deserves to feel what you felt, see what you saw or experience what you experienced, those of you who are alive and safe I am delighted that you made it out the other side. But that doesn't take away the fact that some of you may never go to another concert again, some may not feel comfortable leaving your home for quite some time and some may now find large crowds too unbearable to witness. I saw the footage of the arena being attacked and I heard the screams of young girls, children and parents, I heard the sobs of the wounded, saw the blood of the murdered and witnessed the devastation of people finding out their loved ones were hurt or worse. Despite hearing and seeing all this it cannot compare to what you must have felt or are feeling now, I am due to go to my own concert at Manchester arena in October to see my idol Lady Gaga and this weeks experience has put the fear in my heart that what happened this week could happen again. We as a species should never put one another through what happened in Manchester this week and to say I am angry, hurt and disgusted is such an understatement, its almost a joke. Yesterday I watched endless people RTing tweets and posting online to find their missing loved ones and I felt useless, I wanted to help so much but all I could do was offer to be there for anyone who needed to talk or needed information regarding where to call to find missing people. This post is in memory of the following people who lost their lives;

 15 year old Olivia Campbell
8 year old Saffie-Rose Roussos
26 year old John Atkinson
32 year old Kelly Brewster
42 year old Martin Klis, and his wife 40 year old Angelika Klis
50 year old Jane Tweddle-Taylor
29 year old Martyn Hett
14 year old Nell Jones
Michelle Kiss (age unkown)
45 year old Alison Howe
47 year old Lisa Lees
18 year old Georgina Callander
& to those who were damaged physically, emotionally and mentally.

My condolences to the family, friends and partners of these people. I wish the survivors a time of safety, peace and love for the rest of your lives.

To Ariana Grande please don't blame yourself, you put on a fantastic show and made these people extremely happy. Someone else took that happiness away but it wasn't you, my thoughts go out to you as well.

From, a 21 year old girl just wishing for a kinder world.

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