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Lets Talk - Pets!

April 29, 2017

Most people these days have a friendly little house friend or two, also known as pets, and in this weeks Let's Talk segment I decided to track down three amazing writers to discuss their life as a pet owner and I shall also be including my experiences (Dean is actually on my lap now). So with great honour allow me to introduce this weeks guest writers;

1. Saffron Watson from https://saffronwatson.blogspot.co.uk/
2. Chloe Rennard from http://www.chloealicelily.co.uk/ 
3. Maureen Murray from http://croftsandcocktails.com/ 

Each of these writers have their own Pet related segment and here it is;

@Saffronwatson_ Twitter
Saffron's thoughts: "I love having pets; I find it adds something to your home. In my life I’ve had five cats, three dogs, two rats, two chipmunks, one degu and a few fishes. I’m going to talk about my dog; Missy. We got her a little while after she was a puppy but we still had to toilet train her. She's a border collie and by nature she doesn't stop working until she's "herded" everyone. She even starts nudging me to my room at night. She's so lovely; when you come back into the house she throws herself into our arms and proceeds to lick our faces. At first we thought we might have to train her not to do that, but it's so nice to be welcomed home. Only issue is that she never last five minutes when we buy her new toys, if it's got a face on it she rips it apart, she can dismantle the squeakers in toys, and every now and then attacks our bedding. One of the things I love most about having a dog, is taking them for walks and runs, I think there’s something therapeutic about it.
Saffrons Dog Missy!

I think dogs are my favourite kind of pet, they are hard work but they are like having children who are completely devoted to you. They are so lovely, I hate it when people judge dogs by their breed, it’s the owners that raise and define that dog not the breed. I’ve had a staffy previously, and she was the most lovely dog in the world, honestly she was so loyal and happy, albeit super hyper so she needed lots of walks and playtime but she was never vicious or violent.

If you’re ready for having a little furry companion I definitely recommend getting a pet they become your family, and sometimes they are better than humans."

Chloe's thoughts; "I have so many animals in my life that I love that it was so hard to just pick one to write about but I chose Luna – my black and white cat – because I think she’s definitely the most interesting. An honourable shout-out goes to my dogs Bertie and Archie and all of my boyfriend’s dogs (there are 9 with a litter on the way!) but Luna, by far, is the most fascinating.

We picked Luna up in August 2013 as a 2 month old, tiny, squealing kitten. She was the last left in her litter, as she was the runt, and I fell in love with her. I chose her name. I got up at 7am to feed her. She was definitely my cat – and still is. However, as she got older, we noticed Luna seemed to have a split personality. One minute she is your best friend, the next minute she’s savaged your arm so badly that you wince anytime you move. She quickly received the nickname ‘Satan’ from the rest of my family, including me at times.

If you are thinking of getting a cat from a kitten, it’s hard to tell what your cat is going to be like personality-wise when they’re older. Luna does have a natural nasty streak but the vet has told us that she’s probably very stressed, hence her huge mood swings, and this is because of neighbourhood cats attacking her anytime she went outside. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about other people’s cats in the garden apart from keeping your cat inside.

Cats are quite low maintenance. Luna needs two sachets of cat food a day and a top up of her water bowl but that’s it. Cats sleep 18 hours of the day, so get your kitty a comfortable bed (a cheap blanket from Primark will suffice) in a warm place and they will be content. Even though Luna can be temperamental, she still likes love and comes for scratches behind the ears from time to time.

And that’s all cats really need. Food, water, sleep and love. While Luna has been a nightmare at times (*has horror flashbacks to last week when I found a dead bird under my bed*) and has caused me one too many more scratches than I would like, her love is so rewarding and I wouldn’t change her for the world."

Maureen's thoughts; "I was lucky enough to grow up with dogs as family pets and they were a constant feature of my childhood.  So many of my childhood memories involve them and I can't imagine life without a dog!  Literally one of the first things I did when I bought my first property seven years ago was to start looking for a pooch of my own!

After a fair bit of research on which would be a good breed to fit my lifestyle, Archie arrived, all the way from Wigan.  He's a Boston terrier and a bundle of mischief and energy.  His favourite things are loooooong walks (no walk is ever long enough for Archie!), playing with one of his many, many toys and sleeping on my bed on the rare occasion he's allowed!  
Owning a dog is a joy and a privilege but it is not something you should go in to lightly!  Far too many people coo over cute puppies and decide they want one of their own only to find out that it is actually really hard work at times!  Unfortunately this is one of the reasons so many dogs end up abandoned.  As I grew up with dogs, I knew about the responsibility of having one but even that didn't always prepare me for having my own dog.  I remember when Archie was a puppy, thinking 'what have I done, why on earth did I want a dog?!' after yet another stressful day of chewed shoes and accidents in the house.  That stage doesn't last long though and the positives of owning a dog far outweigh the negatives! 

The best thing about owning a dog for me is the constant companionship they give you.  There's nothing quite like the welcome a dog gives you when you get home after a day at work, or even a quick trip into town!  It makes no difference how long you've been away, they're just happy that you're back.  Archie loves nothing more than curling up beside me on the sofa when I get home and snoring the night away.  We both love our walks too, especially on a beautiful day.

Itsallzara Twitter
My thoughts; "Owning my own dog has been a hell of a learning curve; I've gone through sickness, house training, feeding schedules, walking etiquette, discipline and grooming with my little furball. Dean, my 10 month old Border Collie is a handful and a half but I have grown so attached to him and after almost losing him when he was 10 weeks old due to illness I am VERY protective of him. I am doing my best to be a good dog owner and teach him manners like a mother would with her child and I do consider him my baby for sure, I think it's going to be a very loving and educational to have him in my life for however long I will be blessed with him. My partner is also learning ownership with Dean as despite us both growing up with dogs before this is the first dog we have owned and cared for ourselves.

My baby Dean
I have fallen in love with the black and white, four legged little brat that is my dog and as well as teach him bits and pieces about life I do spoil him more than I probably should (oops) but he remains polite when needed to so its not a huge issue.

Owning a dog is something I didn't see for myself for a fair few years but this little one just came into my life August 26th last year as a surprise and despite his illness, his bad behaviour at times and his resting bitch face I know I love him to pieces.

Sandy 2005-2016
Dean isn't the first dog I've had though, from being 10 to being 21 we had a family dog named Sandy who was a rescue that my mother saved from an abusive family. She was a gorgeous golden mix that had a heart as gold as her skin and was NEVER aggressive with people or even other dogs. Both of the dogs this family has seen have had the same laid back and sweet nature so we have been rather lucky! Sandy unfortunately left us last March and we got Dean in August but I know they would have gotten along and with Sandy being older she'd be a great mother figure to him.

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