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Dedication Post - My Blogging Inspiration.

April 11, 2017

During my time as a blogger I have met so many lovely people with fantastic blogs and an impressive schedule, but one blogger in particular has stood out to me as a very well organised individual. This post is a dedication to their to work, their efforts and their kindness to me as a "newbie blogger". So, without further ado allow me to present to you, my blogging inspiration!

John Sennett is a blogger I got the pleasure of speaking to several times during blog chats and since then he has gone on to include me into his very own Community Champions (Here is the post that I featured in: HERE) and said some lovely things about me. Since then he has gone on to be supportive, kind and helpful when it comes to blogging, I can definitely say he is like a wise master teaching the new student in this situation!

But there are other reasons I admire and look up to John, his blog for one is what the young people these day describe as "goals".

The presentation alone just projects the aura of a professional and hard working blogger, with a nifty little toolbar available for easy access to his posts and an insight into his writing. I use his blog as a reference a lot when it comes to blogger chats as he has typed out a wonderful schedule day by day:

When one takes the time out to do something they know will help lots of people you have to admire their caring and thoughtful nature, and not only did John make this schedule but he made it visually pleasing and eye catching!
This is an example of what I'm talking about, notice how fun and inviting it looks (I spot my own blog logo in there!) and there has been careful time and energy spent on this which I fully appreciate!

Thank you John for helping me with blogging and being an excellent member of the blogging community, I really appreciate it!


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  1. Aw I totally agree. John is so friendly and welcoming and includes everyone! His blog is a great read too of course! :)

  2. Aw, I love how friendly and helpful John is on Twitter :) x


  3. aw this is so lovely! I can agree, I've definitely met some amazing bloggers and they always inspire me to create amazing content. Well, I try. Lovely post! x

    sami | possiblysami.com

  4. We know John on Twitter and he is really active in the community. He's been featured in Blogosphere magazine too. SO yeah, it is quite inspiring! xx corinne

  5. Good old John, always there to send that butt selfie into a chat haha!

    1. Butt selfie?? Not sure I know anything about that haha xx

  6. This is lovely! (: Pretty sure we all know John.

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Yeah he's really well known haha xx

  7. Aw what a lovely post and it's so nice you're recognising so thoroughly someone that helped you! I don't know John but I'm sure going to go and check him out now! xx