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March 02, 2017

We all love a bit of chocolate don't we? Whether we opt for the creaminess of the white, the sweetness of the milk or the sharp sensation of dark - chocolate is just wonderful! Well yesterday evening me and my boyfriend Craig ventured into Thornton's in Hull to check out what they're selling recently and took some amazing photos of their Mother's Day range!

As you can see from the cute little plaques and boxes of chocolate they're more than ready for Mother's Day! I personally have never gotten anything seasonal from Thornton's myself but a friend has bought me a chocolate snowman for Christmas and my mother once had me a chocolate plaque made for passing my GCSE's with flying colours. 
How Sweet!
This is where the really special stuff is, at the back under the "Thank You Mum" section, as you see they have teddy bears, love hearts, bottles and even fairy queens! I think these are adorable and I know a lot of Mummy's that would adore one of these! Treat your amazing Mama to one of these this year and she's bound to enjoy herself!
I also had a look at some of the other things they have and they still have some Valentines Day things on their shelves, such as the sweet teddy bear holding a candy love heart, or the heart shaped plaque reading "With All My Love". Above is even some birthday items such as caked shape chocolate, little cars and more hearts!
The Monkey Though...
Here is a full photo of the case above featuring a champagne style bottle reading "congratulations", another reading "Thanks For Everything" and some cute little bits and pieces as well. I personally love the monkey I just can't figure out what occasion it would be for? Perhaps its for children?
Ahh the chocolates, now I do enjoy Thornton's chocolates and they all looked so good! With such varieties as white chocolate and coffee, milk chocolate and strawberry, toffee and caramel, hazelnut and dark chocolate and my favourite a gorgeous white chocolate truffle with milk chocolate drizzle and a caramel center - I'm hungry for all of these right now!
We all scream for Ice Scream
However I just settled on a cookies and cream double scoop for £3 and enjoyed every bit of it! Craig got honeycomb and cookies and cream but I couldn't photograph that because he started eating it, typical! It was a great trip out and I'm glad I stopped in because that ice cream was to die for!


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  1. I love their personalised collection! Makes it that little bit more personal!

    Vanessa xxx