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Studio 35 Beauty Rosy Cheek Brush Set.

March 30, 2017

I can never have enough make up brushes, I think a lot of people who wear make up are the same and so I'm always on the hunt for new tools and brushes to use for my cosmetics. Well today I found a total bargain again with this Studio 35 Beauty Rosy Cheek Set; £4, 5 brushes and 1 happy customer!

These are so cute
You get 5 brushes in this adorable little pink box all neatly arranged in a brush holder. The brushes include;

1. Soft Liner Brush (for lining your lash line with gel liner)

2. Full Eye Shadow Brush (applying shadow onto your lid)

3. Dense Flush Brush (adding a glow over your cheeks with a concentrated application)

4. Large Powder Brush (for applying loose powder to create a matte effect)

5. Flat Full Coverage Foundation Brush (applying foundation and blending for full coverage)

Liner brush
This one is the soft liner brush that is designed to line your lash line for eyeliner in gel form, but I have no gel eyeliner so I may use it to shape my brows or add detail to eye shadow because as I've said many times in life

"There are NO rules to make up!"

I love the little floral design on the brushes and they look more expensive than they really are which is fantastic, love a good bargain!

Eyeshadow brush
This is the full eye shadow brush that you can use to apply a colour to your entire eyelid. The box recommends using a warm tone for this such as a gold or beige but hey its your eyelid if you want bright blue, black or even white then go for it who am I to judge?

The texture of the brush is rather firm without being stiff, which I do appreciate because I've bought some really nice brushes before and they're so stiff you can barely apply anything and it's been a waste of money and time. The bristles are also super soft so its less likely to irritate my skin.

Flat brush
This is the Flush Brush designed to add glow to your skin presumably with highlighter or a shimmer and I do have one of these brushes that I use for highlight already so its good to have another one to use! The application looks like it'll be rather easy and flawless so I'll have to give this a go and let you all know how it goes!

The bristles don't seem to have any shedding issues unlike some brands I've used so, so far this set seems clean and well made! I may have to look into this brand in future because for £4 I'm happy!

Powder brush
This one is the large powder brush aiming at a full coverage of loose or pressed powder. I currently use a beauty blender for that but should this brush be a success then I'll have found a new tool to do that with!

The head of it isn't too big so if you wanted to aim at a specific area, perhaps where you need more powder, then you can without effecting other areas. The bristles themselves are quite soft so the application won't be too stiff and cakey, hopefully giving a flawless coverage and a matte effect on the skin.

Foundation brush
Lastly we have the foundation brush, for applying foundation. Now currently I use a Bare Minerals foundation brush to apply my liquid foundation and it does the job quite well especially paired with my Body Shop foundation freebie that I got last week! The head of the brush is quite soft so I'm not sure if it's got a firm enough head to properly blend or apply, but I shall know the first time I use it and the other brushes seem so good I won't be too sad if this one isn't up to scratch. If all fails then I shall use this to blend in powder or maybe some highlighter.

This set is honestly gorgeous and I do love a good pink colour so all in all I'm impressed for the price! Has anyone else used this or heard of it? Leave a comment below letting me know! xoxo


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  1. Oh my god they're so pretty! I'd be too scared to use them for ages so I didn't ruin them haha!

  2. They look gorgeous!!