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Review - Revolution & Barry M

March 07, 2017

Another product review but this time it isn't Lush related, this one focuses on the Revolution powder contour kit, Revolution highlighter and Matte Me Up lip paint that I got on Friday and already adore. I already have a Revolution contour kit and may do a comparison post in future. But for now here are my thoughts on my recent purchases:

Revolution Contour Kit (Powder)
So neat and clean
In terms of colour it provides a great variety which works great if you want to switch up your make up, I personally opt for subtle shades during the day with a more sultry tone for the evening or nights out.
Revolution contour kit
The package itself isn't anything fancy, just a straight up box with a clear front so you can see the colours and the ranges or colour it has to offer. For £8 it isn't bad, a simple and straight forward product. Now in terms of use I've found I don't need much of it at all, a little goes a long way and it blends beautifully into the skin to create a toned look. I give this a good rate actually and will definitely buy it again!

Revolution Highlighter
Super shiny
The second Revolution item I purchased was this gorgeous highlighter for £3. The picture does not do it justice as to how sparkly and pretty it is I swear, but if you have one or if you go buy one you'll see for yourself! In relation to the product itself its a fairly moderate size, in a plastic packaging which would stop your heart if you dropped it.
Revolution highlighter
Another look at the beauty that is this highlighter in its packaging, its a pretty basic plastic casing but its light and not too complicated to open so there's that. As for the use of this product it is stunning on the skin, it leaves a lovely golden-brown sort of highlight when applied which looks great on the cheekbones and brow bone. I highly recommend this product.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Paint
Matte Me Up - Barry M
I've never used lip paint much before, certainly not Barry M's Matte Me Up but I was really pleased with the result, it isn't too sloppy or stiff for a lip paint which I appreciate. The little tubes are cute too and I love the font they used for the writing, its actually really pretty. You get quite a lot for the price which is around £3.99 from where I got it. The two shades don't look that different but they are trust me, one is more pink where the other is more nude coloured, either way they're both fantastic and I want more of them!

Hope this was informative and gave a different view of these products! xoxo


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  1. I need to try the revolution highlighter!! Great post 😊 xx

  2. I've never heard of Revolution (I love the name though) and the colours in the palette looks so good!!! You've given such an informative post, really helpful. Thank you!

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