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Lush - Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb

March 27, 2017

It's been a while since I did a Lush review and since it was Mother's Day yesterday I decided to review one of the bath bombs I got from the Mother's Day range and that is Ups-A-Daisy! This one is a gorgeous double sided flower designed bomb with an amazing rosy scent.

Flower power
 This bomb comes with two different coloured sides, an orange with a pink center and a yellow with a blue center. I didn't realise this at first when I got it and thought there were two different ones you could buy but it was a nice surprise. Despite its flowery design it isn't too fragile and managed to survive a one hour bus journey home with no causalities or losses (the same cannot be said for my sheep bubble bar though.)

This retails for £3.50 and now that Mother's Day has been and gone you may want to snap one up fast before they sell out completely.

Lush make the best shaped bathbombs..

In terms of scent it gives off a gorgeous floral sort of fragrance that is both light and appealing to the senses. The bomb itself is made up with rosewood oil and rose absolute meaning it maintains its floral theme with both design and scent. There is also citric acid in there giving it a faint citrus smell that makes you think of fresh oranges and lemons during spring time.

The idea of the flower shape reminds me so much of those new budding daisies I see in my garden when spring starts to arrive and this is probably the mental image Lush wanted for their product.

I tried super hard to get a good photo of this
Once in the water the flowery bomb gives a mighty orange/yellow fizz and starts to leave a flower shaped pattern in your water. This one is quite a fast burner and the swirls of colour it quickly throws out are enough to please the eye of any Lushie fan. Depending on which side you put in the colour on the top differs, for example if starting with the orange side like I did the water immediately goes deep orange with a yellow surface but reverse the colours and things look a little differently!

I managed to snap this photo of the bomb in action in my bath tub before it fizzed away completely!

Orangey-foamy bath water!
The end result was a gorgeous orange colour topped with a few bubbles that came off a bubble bar I decided to run under the tap after the bomb had fizzed. When you get in and soak in these amazing orange bubbles the smell of flowers and fruit hits you immediately and you may find it hard to get out - I know I did!

So for those who enjoy the fizzyness of a good bath bomb, the novelty of a flower shaped bath product and the smell of flowers and fruits then head to Lush to pick up one of these or order online while you still can!

I hope you've enjoyed my review and feel free to leave a comment.


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  1. I love LUSH products, especially the bath bombs!! Last night I used the Intergalactic bath bomb and oh my goodness it was heaven. The bath turned like a holiday sea blue colour full of glitter, I came out feeling like a magical unicorn (literally) - I'm still shimmering today!! This one sounds lovely and I love how it actually leaves a flower shape as it dissolves!

    Sarah | sazsinclair.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Oh yes Intergalactic is fantastic I agree! Thank you for reading xx