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Lush - Over & Over Bath Bomb

March 06, 2017

Yep that's right its time for ANOTHER Lush bath bomb review - I still have one more item to review for the Lots of Love Valentine's Day Gift Set and that is the Love Struck bubble bar so I will get right on that I promise! For now though I decided to review this bath bomb I got around a month ago and just got around to using, it is called Over & Over and is AMAZING!
So pretty!
Here is what it looks like and you may have seen a similar bath bomb from Lush called Never Mind The Ballistics, that one had a yellow bottom and a PINK top but when it opened up it gave a stream of bright orange. Well this does the exact opposite!
Foamy, fruit goodness
Now the bomb itself smells of citrus and pink lemonade which I think is amazing, and because it contains Cocoa Butter it is softening to the skin and leaves you refreshed and vibrant. When it hits the water the yellow part which is the bath bomb begins to fizz and the orange bath melt top starts to melt in the water, after a while it looks like the picture above.
Pink & yellow
As the bath bomb breaks down it begins to leak a pleasant smelling jet of pink fizz which looks freaking awesome in the water. The bomb itself tends to spin around, drift about and move all over your tub so the pink stream leaves a trail across your water in all directions.
Swirly bathbomb
I love it when bath bombs do this and give a cool double sided fizz effect, as you can see the water itself is a sunset orange but is streaked with the sunshine yellow and the hot pink of the bomb. It's quite a fast fizzer once it gets going and you end up with quite an amazing effect in your bath
I love these colours
This reminds me of a sweet I used to eat as a kid called Fruit Salad and it was an orange sweet with streaks of pink and yellow through it and this bath bomb has mimicked it perfectly. I highly recommend this bomb to those who like bright colours and infused citrus in their water!

Check out my previous Lush reviews within my blog and have a fantastic day everyone! xoxo


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  1. Love the look of this bath bomb! I have literally got a box full of bath bombs right now from Christmas and what I've bought over the past few months so I'm kind of on a LUSH ban right now haha and if you like the scent of Fruit Salad, Imperial Leather do a shower gel of it! :) x


  2. Haha I have a box full of bombs too! I'm holding back a bit myself, and I had no idea Imperial Leather do that! xx

  3. Have mercy! I can't wait to use this now 😁 I hope it comes back next year. My faves are the ones that change the colour of the bath water, smell strong and make my skin feel silky 😊 xo

    1. You'll really love it sweetie! xx

  4. Omg the fruit salad sweets were lush! I think my mum still buys them now. I love the colours of this bath bomb so much x


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