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Lush - Lovestruck Bubble Bar

March 09, 2017

Okay, so I know it feels like FOREVER since I started reviewing the Lots of Love gift set from Lush but I FINALLY used all the products and am ready to review the last item; the Lovestruck Bubble bar!

Here it is! The cutest little bubble bar ever! I personally love the little emoji face and I think it's really clever how they've designed this, it was perfect for Valentine's Day (even if I only used it recently). In terms of the scent it has such a gorgeous citrus and lemon scent to it that is so refreshing and unlike the other items in the gift set it DOESN'T smell like roses.
Bathing in gold
Here is what colour my bath went when I used part of this bar because I never use all of it in one go, I think with the whole bar the water is meant to be a really intense gold colour but mine went a sort of pee yellow! It didn't smell like pee though and I got quite a few bubbles out of it!
Actually it looks kinda like pee
I mean....its not a terrible pee colour, it does have some gold in there but I definitely think I need to use more next time to get a more intense colour. The smell however was fine, I felt like I was bathing in lemons and silk because it was so soft on the skin and sensual. I do think this would be a great bubble bar for children due to the bright smiley face design so you don't have to use this purely for Valentine's Day. I hope Lush bring this back next year because it was such a refreshing change to their pink, purple or glittery bubble bars and its such a fun design.

So that is all of the products of the Lots of Love gift set - 2017 style! Here is a link to all the other products within this set and my initial thoughts on the set when I got it:


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  1. I totally get what you mean about the colour!! But at the same time it's such a cute shape that I think it's worth it hehe :)

    Maria x

    1. Yeah and the scent is gorgeous too! xx

  2. haha the colour is rather unfortunate! Totally get what you mean on that point! The design is super cute though! x


  3. Such a cute design! And I can totally relate it taking forever to use things I have so many lush bombs and bubble bars I'll be using them all year long!