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Lush - Love Me Lots Soap

March 02, 2017

As promised here is another Lush Valentine's Day review of a product I got from the Lots of Love Gift Set, find my other reviews below:
I have yet to review the Lovestruck Emoji Bubble Bar but that will follow this review shortly, but first here is my review of the Love You, Love You Lots Soap!

Love You, Love You Lots
Here is what it looks like when its in store pieced together in the big wheel that features an arrow in the middle which is fun to spin and see whether you get Love You or Love You Lots. I personally love the pink and red design and I adore the little gooey writing in the middle of it.

Here is the piece I got in my gift set and it smelled gorgeous, like rose petals and geranium oil with a candyfloss scent and it looked like a big piece of candy! I found this lathers up really well when using it too so little is needed each time, it is rather sticky though so be careful where you leave it or it'll leave a pink residue on your container or side! When you've used it its best to put it somewhere where it can dry and not go all gooey and sticky or stain anything, I usually put mine on a dry, clean flannel on my windowsill to scent my bathroom but also dries quickly with fresh air! Definitely a great attribute to the gift set and it lasts for ages!


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  1. I love lush! I'd spend all my money in there if I could. The soaps seem to last for ages as well

    Tasha x


    1. This one is so gorgeous! I love their soaps, I also have a christmassy one thats great :D xx

  2. The LOVE soap is so so cute! and Candyfloss! who doesnt love the smell!!!

    Vanessa xxx


    1. Its so cute! A great addition to the Valentine's Day range this year! xx