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My Puppy At 9 Months

March 11, 2017

As some of you may remember, I posted a while back about the pros and cons of owning a puppy, well I wanted to add a little bit more to my experience as a puppy owner and document the changes my four legged baby is going through!

Here are my past posts in which I have mentioned my pup Dean:

Now however I've noticed a massive change in him since his first few weeks at our home and his first birthday isn't far behind. At 9 months he is most definitely bigger, louder and unfortunately moodier!

Sleepy Dean
This was the little guy at 10 weeks old the day we got him, taking a nap in our garden after a day of playing. He was so small and so excitable it was heart melting to watch him take everything in! Since then he has almost doubled in size and has developed lots of new features such as a longer face, longer ears, a longer and fluffier tail, a thicker coat and he is much taller!

Around this age is when most dogs are at about 80% of their size and they have done most of their growing, this also means that due to his growth he is eating differently than when he was younger. I used to give baby Dean a recommended 1.5 cans of food a day but before we switched him to dry food he was averaging about 2 a day at least! 

More sleepy Dean
This photo taken the other day shows the vast difference between then and now! His physical side isn't all that has changed either, my once sweet little baby has turned into a fussy, emotional teenager due to puberty kicking in. During this time I've noticed he is more verbal and isn't shy to tell us when he thinks something is unfair or he doesn't like it. 

He did have a phase of chewing on things such as furniture a month or so ago but seems to have outgrown this or has taken a break from it at the very least. When it comes to training and discipline now is the crucial time when it needs to be consistent and firm, because due to his new adolescence his rebellious nature will inevitably kick in!

On my bed again
Exercise is important at this age as well because due to his mind being at the peak of development he needs to stay active in order for him to avoid destructive behaviour. Now my partner Craig walks him for a good hour almost every day while I'm in the gym and he has access to the garden and toys to keep him mentally stimulated. 

He is also capable of going at least 6/7 hours without needing the bathroom we've noticed so he usually lasts all night while we sleep but we keep our doors open for him in case he needs to let someone know if he wants to go out.

Another bed photo...he does other stuff I swear
In terms of intelligence I've noticed  he has gained an excellent amount of motor skills, hand-eye coordination and understanding what I say when speaking to him. This is fairly normal for dogs this age and in particular Border Collies as they are known for being incredibly smart along with German Shepherds, Poodles, Labradors and Rottweilers.

Commands are easier to tell him as he understands including "bedtime" which makes him lay on his bed at night and go to sleep which is really cute, and he does a lot of what I ask without me even saying anything! He's certainly less clumsy.

As I write this he is on my bed murdering one of the stuffed teddies I had lying around and there is stuffing everywhere, I better deal with that before the gym! 


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  1. Your furbaby is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! I love dogs do much. I have two furbabies. You've written this so well. X

    Style & Life by Susana - www.susanalopessnarey.com

    1. Aw dogs are amazing aren't they? Thank you so much xx

  2. Your puppy is just adroable, I'm in love <3

    1. Thank you! He would love you too he adores people! Xx

  3. I love this post! He is so lovely, I want to cuddle him!

    I love dogs! xx

    1. He loves cuddles he'd love that! Xx