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My Favourite Perfumes!

March 20, 2017

Lately I've become really obsessed with buying new perfumes and trying out new scents, and I decided to do a post about some of my favourites!

I never used to wear perfume much until I got a bottle for Christmas and I really loved it, I think it was Lady Gaga's Fame perfume that started my perfume collection!

More perfume
Since then I've accumulated around 11 or 12 bottles of various fragrances that all have a special place on my beauty stand. Here are some of my favourites;

Gaga for Gaga
The first perfume I ever got, Lady Gaga's Fame. This one is a very sultry and rich which I use for nights out or dates and it comes in a really unusual bottle with the golden claw type lid. The liquid is black but squirts out clear so don't worry you won't have little black dots on your skin or clothes!

Wearing Miss Daisy
This reminds me of a Marc Jacob's perfume and even has a similar name but I'm not sure if they smell similar because I don't have the Marc Jacob's version. The bottle is quite cute with a floral lid and little round design, the scent is really light and floral which makes for a great daytime fragrance.

Pink to make the boys wink
I love the bottle for this from the cute shape, the pink design and the little ribbon on the neck. This one is a new one from my collection but its already one of my favourites because of how sweet and soft the scent is, although I would say you don't need much of it because the smell can be overbearing in large quantities.

Gaga Ooh La La
Eau De Gaga is my other Lady Gaga fragrance and during the advert she said it was a unisex scent so it isn't exclusive to a particular gender, it has a very spicy sort of scent with a definite floral touch to it and I usually use this for college or just a simple outing because its not heavy and lasts for hours!
Christian Lacroix
I got this as a gift from a friend and I love the bottle, I've never really seen orange perfumes before so this was a great new addition to my collection. This one smells a lot more expensive than what it is and has a rich citrus smell that reminds me of grapefruit. This is an Avon product so I don't know if you can get it elsewhere but it's definitely quite lovely.

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