Healthier Takeaway Options

March 22, 2017

Most of us love a good pizza, curry or garlic bread right? And when we're dieting it seems all we fancy is some fried rice or chips which is so unfair! Well I'm here to give you a few ideas on how to order healthier food from the take out.

Chinese Food
Chinese doesn't have to be all prawn crackers and curry sauce, there are actually some healthier options there! Try to look for things described as "roasted", "steamed" or "boiled" instead of "fried" as these are healthier ways of preparing foods. My local Chinese offers boiled rice, steamed vegetables and roast meats as well as the usual fried rice, battered chicken balls and sweet and sour sauce. The soups from a Chinese takeaway also tend to be really good too as they don't have any fried or battered produce and can be really nutritional if they have lots of vegetables in them. Stir fried vegetables are a great idea for a low fat dinner and you can often get those with shrimp, chicken, pork or beef. One dish I like from the Chinese is Kung Po Pork as the sauce is very thin and it contains water chestnuts and cashew nuts as well as roast pork, its delicious too!

Pizza Places
If like at my local pizzeria you have the option of pizza, burgers, kebabs, fried chicken, calzones and lots of side orders it can be hard to find something healthy. Some pizza places will be happy to cook you a pizza with no cheese and some even do gluten free bases (Dominos do that). Most of the pizza places I've seen also do Panini's, salads, pasta options and even jacket potatoes so if your local takeout offers those then those are better! If we do end up ordering in and I'm a little worried about my calorie intake I like to get a jacket potato with a side salad and water which doesn't cost me much and is still really good. Depending on your diet you can get a topping with your potato like chili, beans, cheese or just butter. The pasta options can also be a good alternative if they offer things like spaghetti Bolognese or lasagne, you can ask for a small portion without cheese and get a side salad to go with it. If you do fancy a kebab try a chicken kebab with salad and no bread, it's a much better alternative to the greasy strips of lamb in a buttered pitta bread.

Indian Food
Indian food is a favourite of mine, and a lot of it can be high in calories especially with all the coconut milk in curries, buttery naan breads and battered bahjis but there are healthier things available if you're worried about calories! Lentils, chickpeas, pulses and grains can be healthier than rice and chips when looking for a side option, and most Indians I've experienced offer side salads with their dishes which is great. Boiled rice is a good alternative to pilau or fried, poppadoms can a healthier starter especially paired with a cucumber and tomato salad. When it comes to curry try to choose chicken or vegetable as they're lower in fat content than beef or lamb which can be quite greasy meats.

The Chip Shop

With all the oil, batter and sauces the chippy can be a quite unhealthy especially if you're like me and love a bit of curry sauce on your food. But I have eaten chip shop food before on a strict diet and been alright with it, I mostly get mushy peas and a small piece of fish which I ignore most of the batter. I avoid fishcake which is quite high in fat, the chips are a no-no and bread and butter? I sadly wish. There aren't many healthy alternatives to the chippy I'm afraid so if you're looking for a healthier take out option stay away from your local one!


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