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Cooking With Zara - Cupcakes!

March 04, 2017

Hello all! You may remember my first ever "Cooking With Zara" post in which I made my very own scones with the help of my mother, well today I made my own chocolate cupcakes using a Tesco cake mix and some decorations. I know, its cheating to use a ready made cake mix but its been YEARS since I made real cake so this was more of a practice go! 

My creations!
Here's what you'll need to make these delicious cupcakes
£3.00 from Tesco
  • The sachet of cake mix that comes in the box
  • Water (four tablespoons)
  • 70g softened butter
  • Greased baking tray
  • Bun cases (you get some with it but its good to have extras)
  • Chocolate decorations (it comes with sprinkles but I used chocolate curls)
  • A mixing bowl and whisk (manual or electric is fine)
  • The sachet of icing mixture and a small bowl to mix it in
  • A piping bag with a small nozzle
  • 1 medium egg

Once you have all your ingredients ready you're ready to start baking! Here's your step by step:
  • Preheat your oven to 180
  • Put your bun cases into your greased baking tray spaces
  • Pour your cake mix, egg and water into a bowl together and whisk until smooth but NOT sloppy!
  • Portion your mixture into your bun cases, carefully!
  • Place your tray into the oven and leave them to cook for 15 minutes
  • Now you can make your icing, in the smaller bowl pour your sachet of icing mix into the bowl with the softened butter.
  • Whisk it quickly but carefully so it doesn't fly everywhere!
  • Once it is at the right consistency fill the piping bag with your mixture and squeeze all the air out of it so you can pipe as much of it as possible. It's also best to twist the end so there's no air inside.
  • By this time your cakes should be ready to come out of the oven so check on them - there are two ways I check if my cakes are done and that's either lightly touching the top to see if it's firm, or using a thin object to pierce the middle and if no mixture sticks to it then it's done!
  • If they are done take them out to cool - do not pipe them until they are cool or you'll melt your icing and it'll go sloppy!
  • When they're cool pipe however you wish just makes sure to evenly distribute your icing onto your cupcakes.
  • Now you can add any decoration you like. I used little chocolate curls to give them a cute chocolate theme but you can use anything; little flowers, little balls, sprinkles or just icing!
These are great for sharing with friends, taking to parties or making for picnics (or just making because you fancy some cake) and you get 6 out of one box. I personally thought it would be a bit sweet and sugar overload but they're actually really nice and not bad at all with sweetness.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe and found it helpful!


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  1. Kudos on your cooking / baking skills - those chocolate cupcakes look delicious!


  2. Yummy these look delicious!! Will definitely be having a go at these thankyou!✨ x


    1. They're gorgeous! Definitely a great treat - You're welcome lovely! xx