Social Media; The Downsides.

February 23, 2017

In today's society Social Media has become as familiar to young people as eating and sleeping and this can be a huge positive when it comes to finding hobbies, meeting people and growing online confidence, but it can also be a bad thing. As someone who is almost 22 even I have seen the difference between my childhood and the childhood I see other kids having now, and when I was born technology and the internet was just getting to grips with itself for my age group. I remember seeing my brother getting a computer fitted for his 15th birthday when I was 5 and by the time I was 10 I had one of my own for games and learning.

I got introduced into social media at the age of 12, when my older cousin made me a Facebook account and I wasn't sure what it was but I felt cool having it. Since then I've gone on to make Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Tumblr accounts and as it is I'm only really on Twitter, Insta, Snapchat and Facebook (and some of those I barely use) these days. During my time on the internet I've seen and experienced negative aspects of social media and there's a few things I hate about it that I'm going to discuss below.

1. Spam accounts. There are LOADS of them, and I find it a real pain in the backside. Instagram is the worst for this because every time I post a photo I get multiple bots and spam accounts commenting things like "Great feed! Check out my page!" or "Want followers? Go to!". Talk about irritating! I know a few people have complained about this and I can only hope Instagram deletes them.

 2. Those verified Twitter profiles that have about 100k followers, are following around 100 people and tweet utter crap or retweet spam links. Why are you here? Why are you verified? Where did you buy those followers because you only get 3 likes per tweet? Go away, I don't want you on my timeline and I don't want you following me. Especially when their bio is just a link to their soundcloud or youtube channel. No. Be gone.

3. People on Snapchat that just film themselves miming to music and do this for a good five minutes. I don't care if you're rapping to Nicki Minaj, dancing to Katy Perry or miming Ed Sheeran lyrics, its not necessary to do this for so long just stop. Or those people who take pictures of a black screen and post things like "Someone talk?". No, I will not talk to you because you can't be bothered to make the effort clearly.

4. People who use anon accounts to bully or otherwise be mean to others. Now I used to have and after a nasty breakup I started receiving nasty anons saying awful things about me, didn't take a genius to work out who was doing it but it was horrible. I couldn't imagine being so cruel you have to bring someone down and hide behind an anonymous account to do so, its cowardly and disgusting. Cyber bullying has taken lives and it needs to be discouraged, hence accounts like this aren't my cup of tea.

5. Attention seekers. We all have them on our Facebook at least once, those who put their every move onto a status and then complain when people know their business. I had a girl on my Facebook who would tell everyone when she had an argument with her boyfriend, when they'd had sex and how, when she went to hospital (or when she would pretend to as her friends said it was all lies) and would get so angry when people commented about her life. Don't leave your profile open then sweetie its not hard.

6. People who follow to unfollow. WHY FOLLOW ME THEN UNFOLLOW ME AFTER AN HOUR WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?! It has to be one thing I despise highly, when you gain about 10 followers on Instagram and you're all happy because of it then you check back later to find you've lost 12. I'm not really bothered about a huge following I'm merely posting my photos and liking or commenting on others, but its a real annoyance when your follow count is more up and down than my mood swings during my bad week. 

7. Auto DM's, these are the most annoying thing about Twitter, apart from weird verified spam accounts. I do not want to follow your Instagram, nor do I want to listen to your "mix tape" on Sound Cloud and I do not care about your YouTube Channel. I mistakenly signed up with a tool that allows me to unfollow inactive followers but sends them a DM first telling them I unfollowed them, you can imagine how popular I was after that! I deleted that tool right away and found a better one. NO AUTO DM'S!

8. Weirdos who send you nudes. Yes I know you can put your profile on private and only receive snaps from your friends but for a while I didn't know how to do that, so for a while it was random genital pictures left right and center. I have actually ranted about this ON Snapchat hoping people would get the picture but no I still got them. I have no idea what man it was that came up with the idea that sending a girl a pic of their junk actually worked for them, but he was mistaken.

9. Another thing I hated about was the amount of "like begging" I would see, and I see it a lot on Twitter. People who post random generic statements for likes such as "You're a bad person if you cheat on people"...well yeah? That's pretty obvious isn't it? But nope these kinds of things would get thousands of likes or retweets in Twitter's case. I mean if you can't figure out things like that then you clearly lack common sense and Social Media is probably too advanced for you, sorry. 

10. Lastly, the thing that drives me nuts about social media and apps like it are game requests. No Mum, I don't want to send you a shovel on Farmville, no Auntie Lucy I don't have 300 coins for a bookcase on Cottage Club - what even are these games anyway? Get out of my notifications. Thankfully you can turn them off but until you learn how it is a real pain in the freaking ass clearing your notifications out every day. I can't be the only one who hates this surely? 


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  1. lol I loved this! SOOO TRUE. I mean I love so many things about social media but also hate a lot of things. Auto DMs need to stop, I automatically unfollow the person if they send me an auto DM. And those follow to unfollowers are literally THE worst - especially when it's someone I thought I was friends with lol

    1. I always unfollow Auto Dmers too! Its so annoying, and follow to unfollow people are the worst I agree! xx

  2. 100% agree with all of these, especially the auto DM's, spam accounts and people who play the follow/unfollow game!