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Shopping Haul!

February 17, 2017

Happy Friday all, hope you've had a great week! ITS OFFICIALLY HALF TERM :D I get 11 days off which is amazing, and to celebrate I went SHOPPING!
Now these purchases were extremely well priced and I spent less than I thought I would. I visited Superdrug and Lush today (obviously Lush is on there!) and got some really great stuff.

First up are these amazing beauty blenders and this angled eye shadow brush. The blenders were £6.99 and the brush was £4.99, not bad at all considering they're both very efficient and I've found although the blenders are smaller than my others they've done better than my larger ones!

I used my eye shadow brush as an eyebrow brush with my e.l.f cosmetics eyebrow gel (which is a great dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Promade). It gives a very clean line when applying product and brushes product through very well.

I haven't tried many Aussie products but after using these and their 3 Minute Miracle for coloured hair I will start buying them more! As someone who is desperately trying to repair my hair and get it back to how it was before I over bleached it (that story time will come soon) I have started to adore these products. These were 2 for £7 which was quite a bargain!

Earlier I used these in the bath and now my hair is drying it is soft, shiny and looks very healthy. 10/10 for Aussie on this one because I've never been more impressed at a hair care brand.

I'm always skeptical trying new foundations, concealer, high lighter, contour or powder and even though I selected the shades I knew suited me I was unsure about the texture.

However, my worries soon vanished when I applied the foundation (£6.99) with my new beauty blenders and I was left with a smooth finish and a perfect colour. The concealer (£4.99) was exactly the same and was as successful when I applied it. The powder (only £1!) finished off my facial routine with a thin veil of smooth powder and my skin didn't look cakey or stiff!

Would highly recommend these products!

I haven't bought dry shampoo in ages and today due to my hair being quite greasy I needed something to get me through the rest of college until I could get in and have a bath.

As well as the nice scent my hair went from over oily mess to soft, silky and clean with just one usage of this. Never used this brand before but due to it being 2 for £2 I'll not need any for a while, but when I do I'll happily get some more!

Made for different hair types too!

Forget Victoria's Secret spray, this Body Fantasies scented spray for £1 is absolutely amazing. I used some at lunch when I bought it and all day I've had compliments of the pleasant grapefruit smell wafting around on my skin.

The lip balm, also £1 is soft, sweet and even gives your lips a bit of colour. These would be great during dry weather to stop your lips from cracking or chapping and are small enough to pop in your pocket or handbag!

Both of these products impressed me today!

Now for my Lush products, because I can't go shopping without including Lush into my purchases!

I won't bother doing the Rose Bombshell bath bomb because I already described it on my past post when I opened my Valentines Day gift set.

But Ups-a-Daisy and Baa Bar Bubble Bar were new for me and I can't wait to use them!

This is Ups-A-Daisy and it is absolutely adorable! The other side is orange with a pink middle and I can imagine its going to be phenomenal when it hits the water.

These smell like citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges or lemons and have a really colourful design.

Obviously the design is in the shape of a daisy and I think these are out for Mother's Day (which is on the 26th March in case anyone needed reminding!) and I'll see if I can get another for my darling Mumsie!
This was £3.50 which is really good!

For £3.95 you can take home your own little sheepy friend that looks and smells utterly adorable. Mine unfortunately suffered a severe injury and lost its head thanks to me dropping my bag on the bus. It's my first Lush fatality though which considering I shop there a lot is pretty good!

A man in the Lush store had one of these in some water and as well as many foamy bubbles the water was a lovely purple colour and smelled gorgeous!

These are £3.95 and you can get them in store or on the Lush website at https://uk.lush.com/

So yeah that was my shopping haul for the day! Really enjoyed spending some money on retail therapy :)


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  1. Woow! Sounds like you had a lovely shopping trip! I love the sound of the Body Fantasies Spray. For £1 that's amazing, I would definitely use that, especially in Pink Grapefruit, like how amazing! Also those Lush products look amazing! I think I recongise them from their Mother's Day collection. The sheep is adorable.

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

    1. It was so much fun! A good shopping day!