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Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb!

February 24, 2017

Happy Friday sweet blog readers! Excited for the weekend? I usually am but my week off went so fast and I've had a cold the entire time! Dear oh dear!

Anyway, today I wanted to do another Lush review from my Valentines Day Lots of Love gift set! I have already reviewed the Lover Lamp bath bomb, the Cupid bath bomb, the Prince Charming shower gel and the gift set in its entirety. Now I'm onto the Rose Bombshell Bath bomb and after this I just need to review the Love Struck bubble bar and the Love Me Lots soap!
Taken in Lush Hull
This is a bath bomb I enjoyed thoroughly and am pleased to say I have another left! For £4.25 you get to feel like you're wandering through a field of roses and swimming in rose scented silky waters - sign me up!
The Rose Bombshell
The best way to describe this product is to picture a small handful of rose petals in your hand; the colours, smell, texture - its all roses baby! I personally love the rose theme and find this bath bomb divine, from its pink and floral decor to its pleasing scent in the water. With Sicilian lemon oil and geranium oil, your skin will be treated to a real soft clean that leaves your body feeling smooth and refreshed.
In the water
Pictured above is what it looks like in the water, as you can see the pink theme is consistent and leaves your bath looking stunning. Floating in the waters are little rose petals that are frozen into the bomb itself and will disperse when the bomb starts to fizz away. They add that extra romantic feel to your bath and whether you're bathing alone or with a partner you'll really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, join me again for more Lush reviews! 


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