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Lush Lover's Lamp Bath Bomb

February 05, 2017

Happy Saturday my lovelies! Hope you're enjoying your weekend :) Today I'll be doing a quick review of the Lover's Lamp bath bomb from LUSH!

The bath bomb itself retails around £4.25 and is available either in store or on their website.

As you can see it is a creamy white colour with a red heart design embedded in the bomb itself, these red hearts are made of cocoa butter and will leave your skin feeling like silk and smelling of a faint perfume all day long.

The bomb itself isn't massively visual in the water but the scent and feel of the water is what makes it so utterly delightful.

This is what your water will look like when you place the bomb into it and as you can see the foamy white waters are littered with the red cocoa butter hearts.

I used this yesterday as a means of relaxation and it definitely worked! Within ten minutes of bathing I felt at peace with the world and I could have stayed in there for a good three hours.

The hearts don't stain your bath or your skin either so don't worry about that! Just run your water, pop it in and enjoy the feeling of floating in bliss with this creamy bomb.

That's pretty much it for the Lover's Lamp and I will be doing more reviews of the Valentines Day Lush range throughout the week so stay tuned and have a great weekend!


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  1. I haven't tried this bath bomb yet! Which is kind of shocking for me lol. Definitely need to pick this cute bath bomb up x


    1. Its gorgeous! Love it so so much, snap one up quick before Valentines Day! <3