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Lush Cosmetics Valentines Range

February 02, 2017

Good day to my gorgeous viewers! I hope you're having a great week, it's almost the weekend once again!

Today is the promised review of Lush's 2017 Lots of Love Gift set, having had it last year and seeing the new range out for this year I'm very excited to have it! Now, it was supposed to be a valentines day gift from Craig but he allowed me to have it early to open, photograph and review! 

These reviews are based on how I think they look, their scent and whether I would enjoy these or not, I haven't used all of them before but once I do I'll review them individually :) So lets get started!

So, here is what the box looks like:
Lots Of Love
A red, love heart shaped box with cute little hearts on it and of course the gift set name. This one is smaller than last years but seems to have more in it although that could just be because its been a year since I saw what was in last years. I personally think its an adorable design with a really cute little box that's perfect for giving to someone. So what's inside?

The things inside this years box is a much bigger variety than last years which I don't think included a massage bar, shower gel or soap. At least not in the UK it didn't! 
Lots of gifts!
So you get three bath bombs, a bubble bar, a massage bar, some shower gel and some soap. That's not bad at all for £39.95 considering the amount you get. When you open it you get a large scent of rose petals, candy, some citrus and some creamy scent in there as well, all extremely pleasant to the senses! Isn't it adorable?? This is a photo of the box when I first opened it with the stuffing still inside, as you can see everything got home in one piece and there were no damages, breakages or losses thank goodness. The soap is rather sticky though so when you take it out a few pieces of the stuffing will stick to it but they're easily removable. The massage bar is the same, a little bit sticky so the stuffing may stick to it but its easy to peel off and then you can pop your product wherever you want to!

How they managed to fit all this in a small box is beyond me but I've come to the conclusion that Lush factories are run by magic elves that can make almost anything happen!
Gift Set

So, the individual products;

first up; Cupid! You may remember I gave this a sort of review back when I posted about my last trip to lush with a college friend? Well after going last night I actually got to see what it does in store! Placing this in the water makes everything go pink, with a really gorgeous rose scent that fills your bathroom from top to bottom. I could smell it all round the shop yesterday which is twice the size of my bathroom so god knows what my bathroom will smell like! I can't wait to try this one if I'm honest!
Next we have the Lovers Lamp bath bomb that I have seen before and used before so I can tell you what it actually does.

Its kinda of like the butterball in that it is a creamy sort of white colour and has a really sweet smell but for the valentines day range they've added cute little red hearts that actually float in your water while you bathe. Its a very relaxing, peaceful kind of bomb that's designed to give you a calming feeling for the day or night.

Lover's Lamp
This next product is probably the one I will use the least purely because I like it that much I don't want to use it all up. The love struck bubble bar smells of citrus, lemon and geranium to give you a really fruity and energised bath time. This would also be great for children as the bright colours and gorgeous scent would make them more excited for a bath if you struggle getting them in the tub! But don't take my word for it - go get one and try it out, I'm sure you'll love it!
Love Struck
I've only recently started using massage bars regularly after me and Craig tried one out after bath time when we gave each other massages. I can tell you using a massage bar makes a BIG difference from just using your hands, the creamy texture and gorgeous scent of them relaxes you a lot more than you would think.

This is the "love spell" massage bar encased with rose syrup and smells absolutely gorgeous and I actually have two of these so the next time Craig's here after I have a bath I'm asking him to use this on me for sure! Its very buttery though so make sure you don't hold it too long or it'll melt. Keep it somewhere cool!

Love Spell
This is a product I have never seen before but looks and smells absolutely divine. Are you looking for your own Prince Charming? Look no further because NO man smells as good as this shower gel does (no offence boys, I just have a soft spot for pomegranate.)

Infused with grapefruit oil and pomegranate it provides a really fruity and creamy bath scrub. Simply squirt some onto a sponge, flannel or your hand and lather it under the shower or in the bath and start scrubbing! Your bath time will certainly have its own "happily ever after" if you use this Prince Charming shower gel! 
Prince Charming
Roses. That's all I can describe about this product. It smells of roses, has roses embellished on the sides and has rose petals inside it that float in your water and make you feel like you're swimming in a pool of romance. If you don't like the smell of roses avoid this product because it is ALL rose related. But if those are your favourite flowers or you just want to SMELL like a flower then by all means submerge yourself in the rosy waters and have fun.

WARNING: Rose petals may drift in unwanted places so be careful ;)
Rose Bombshell
This is the Lots of Love soap and I didn't realise I got this in the gift set and got myself another piece so at the moment I'm using the other one of these before I use this.

Anyway, this is another rosy product with more glaring pink. Honestly if you hate pink don't get this gift set, you'll tear your hair out. This smells really sweet and after using it in the bath last night it lathers up really easily making for a gorgeous wash.

Use this on your body or your hands, its up to you how rosy you smell!

There you have it! The 2017 "Lots of Love" gift set, if you got the same set in 2016 and have noticed the change in products and box size let me know what you think! I personally think for around £40 this is amazing. I think the US one may be different regarding products but the UK one is lovely!

Have a great day lovelies, see you tomorrow for my next post - Tomorrow my blog reaches 1 month old! It'll start teething soon.... 


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  1. All these products look incredible! I love the packaging and they're all so cute. And that really is such a bargain for 40 pounds!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. They're all gorgeous! The box is super cute too and the price isn't bad at all!

      Thanks for commenting <3

  2. This looks so pretty! It would make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day:) thanks for sharing xx


    1. Its so sweet! I'm so glad I got one from my boyfriend for this year :D You're welcome thanks for commenting! xx