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Pros and Cons to owning a puppy

February 13, 2017

I, like many others have always wanted my own little pup to call my own and in August 2016 I got one! The full story of how that happened is on my blog and you can read it HERE

Well, after owning this little ball of fluff for six months I can give an extensive list of pros and cons that come with ownership. Some of these may be familiar to those of you with pups of your own!


They're adorable. There is no denying that puppies are the cutest thing next to kittens that ever walked this earth. With big brown eyes, fluffy tails and floppy ears who wouldn't want one to call their own?

I fell victim to Deans cuteness almost immediately when I saw him and even now as he grows and becomes more of an adult his sweet little face continues to woo me.

This is one of the main points people always think of when buying or adopting a dog, and everyone has their favourite breeds that stand out to them. Mine have to be Border Collies and Golden Retrievers! 

You get to put cute outfits on them and take embarrassing photos. I do this all the time with Dean and it doesn't seem to bother him, from pink bows and my mums work apron to hats and my jumper.

This is not only cute but amusing, (as long as the dog is okay with it of course) you can get a lot of laughs out of a dog wearing jazzy sunglasses trust me.

That reminds me I need to get him a cute little pair of swim shorts for the upcoming summer ;)

They're always ready to play. And I mean ALWAYS. For some this could be considered annoying or tiring but for me its fun! Whenever I want a nice long walk, a little run or any kind of physical activity Dean is always there holding his little bone ready to walk, run or play fetch with me.

Their high energy and boundless playfulness is a lovable trait in a puppy and can be great for families with kids who are used to the high energy. Border Collies are THE most high energy dogs you can get due to them being used to running around all day herding sheep and spending their time outdoors. I have my hands full with this one but hes extremely fun!


Vet bills. For some this is the reason they decide against a dog, the cost it takes to pay for a puppies vaccinations, microchip and flea/worming treatment really adds up! And thats if they don't get sick. Then there's spaying or neutering!

When we got Dean he was poorly and we didn't realise, we had to pay £400 worth of vets bills in the first week of owning him. This isn't something a lot of families can afford off the bat and we only managed it because we paid it off gradually. Worming and flea treatment can be up to £20 each, and they need to be applied two-three months during puppy hood, the cost can wrack up quite a price. For vaccinations it cost us up to £60 with two separate treatments. Then the cost of the neutering operation was £110 but it did include the anesthetic and all day vet stay but some vets may charge extra. Bare all this in mind before buying a little bundle of joy and make sure you can afford it! 

Mess. The amount of toys Dean has is phenomenal and he always manages to leave the entire basket worth all over the carpet. Half chewed balls, bits of treats and dog hair is a constant theme in my living room, kitchen and garden.

For those who have delicate furniture, expensive carpets and anything white - muddy dog paws, puppy teeth and puppy accidents can be quite distressing. 

Bare this in mind before getting a dog, bored or frustrated pups tend to chew away at anything they can and can cost you quite a fortune in furniture.

Their ability to conquer any obstacle you use to try and keep them out (or in) things. I received this text message while at college to notify me that Dean had jumped the stair gate like a champion show horse.

Dogs are great at this, you put them in a pen and they'll either dig or climb their way out. Put them in a cage and they'll do their best to chew themselves free (sometimes successfully)

Not only this but they have a habit of trying to escape the property their on in general, Dean dug himself into the neighbors garden within the first month of owning him and thankfully hes too big to do it again now. Make sure your house and garden have maximum security before getting a pup, or they'll escape!

You can't eat without being stared at, stalked and possibly drooled on. This picture was taken when Dean decided to jump onto the sofa and stare me out while I was eating a pasta salad. It is very important to discipline a dog when they try this or they'll do this to guests which can be uncomfortable for visitors. I myself have been at a home where a dog has sat next to me the entire time I ate begging for food and it's really awkward.

Dogs need to be trained to not do this, which can take a lot of effort. So make sure you're determined to train and discipline a puppy when you get one. It takes time but it pays off when they're obedient and leave you alone while you eat your dinner.

I hope this has been informative and has shown the good and bad of puppy ownership! 


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  1. I can't wait to adopt loads of dogs, not sure I'll ever have a puppy though. Training puppies is a bit of a challenge I've heard and you have to get it right to avoid bad habits! Dean is really cute though.

    You can check out my post about volunteering at a dog shelter in Spain here: http://www.lookdwn.com/2016/04/meeting-mans-best-friend-in-spain.html



    1. Dogs are absolutely amazing but puppies are definitely hard work! I'll certainly check out your post! Thanks :D xx

  2. In all those photos Dean looks like he hasn't done anything wrong! Exactly what my dog looks like. I agree with these all, it's a hard life having a puppy but worth it in the end. I love this post hun, really informational and love the photos of Dean.

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  3. Only just seen this comment sorry! Thank you so much xx