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I Murdered My Hair!

February 18, 2017

This is something I've been meaning to write about for a while but haven't gotten around to it til now. One of my biggest regrets is damaging my hair to the point that I had to have at least 10 inches cut off, and I'm here to tell the story of how and why this happened. Think of it as a warning ladies!

When I moved back into my mums I decided I wanted to dye my hair, before I had gorgeous honey blonde hair that was long, healthy and shiny.
My old hair RIP
Gorgeous wasn't it? I genuinely didn't know what I had until I lost it which is how the saying goes isn't it?. Well anyway, after deciding that I wanted a hair change I decided to bleach and dye my hair blonde. Bright blonde. Not subtle blonde:
That band shirt though
Now at this point it wasn't TOO bad, the colour wasn't perfect but the damage was minimal seeing as I had taken care of it before. But I didn't stop there, oh no because next I went bluey-green:
So that happened, unfortunately. As you can see its already looking fried at the ends isn't it? Well I didn't even stop there. Ohhhh no. After that I wanted to be SILVER!
Right about here is where someone shoulda slapped me.
The ends of my hair looked so, SOOOO damaged its unreal. It felt like straw and yet? I liked it...Well anyway I stuck with that for a while and gradually the blue came out and it was kinda white-silver for a bit:
First selfie of 2016 ayyyy
This was the start of 2016, a year before now and the same year I  BUTCHERED my poor hair. After this came the "Nah I wanna be brown again" phase. AND I REALLY SHOULDA STOPPED THERE!
My hair was wet from the bath and dead from my life choices.
After this, came the "Nah I wanna be blonde again" decision. At this point someone should have shaved my head to resist my temptation. But I did it, and it was the worst thing I could ever do. *cringe*
Worst. Hair. Ever.
I deeply regret not leaving my hair alone and its lucky that I wasn't BALD. Although....my next hair dresser appointment pretty much achieved that. She was quite nice about it but basically told me "yeah...a lot of your hair is dead it needs to come off" and she wasn't wrong, as she cut it off more fell out with it and when I pulled at a clump of it, it just ripped like paper.
Lookin like a soccer mom
I had most of my hair cut off and thinned, the poor hairdresser did her best with what she could but it didn't help that my hair was coming off in her hands as she worked! NOW however I have learned my lesson and will NEVER home bleach my hair again, no I mean it I swear!
Road to recovery!
This is my hair now, its a lot longer and a lot healthier. I will get into HOW I have revived it in my next post but please ladies and gents take this as a warning: If you're inexperienced with bleaching your hair then don't do it yourself! And if you do take proper precautions like a strand test. You don't want to lose your hair like I did!


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