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21 Things I've Learned In 21 Years Of Life

February 21, 2017

So today I was thinking about how I'm going to be 22 this year, and how frightening that concept is seeing as it feels five minutes since I was 15, and I was also thinking about things I've learned in the years I've roamed this planet. I decided to narrow them down to 21 seeing as it correlated with my age, so without further ado here is 21 things I've learned in 21 years of life;

  1. Each day can be extremely different from one another. For example, I have had days that no matter how hard I try it remains a disaster. Then the next day can be absolutely great and I suddenly forget the last dreadful 24 hours even existed. Life is weird like that.
  2. People are strange. They can hate you for no reason, love you for no reason or just be indifferent towards you. I've encountered some individuals that confused me with their thought processes and its taken me a while to work out that that person just isn't on the same wavelength as I am. That's fine, I mean we're all different and have different thoughts and feelings which leads to different personalities.
  3. Dogs are single handedly the best thing to happen to mankind. I say this as someone who has grown up with a dog and has a puppy of her own so I've seen the goofy things they do and the weird habits they show. Why do dogs kick their leg when you tickle their back? What do dogs dream about? Where do dogs think they're going on car journey's? You can't work them out completely, they're just weird and adorable.
  4. No matter how hard I try, I will never keep my room tidy. I have gone to excessive lengths to try and keep everything neat and clean but despite my efforts within weeks or days there are clothes on the floor, make up stuff scattered on my desk and empty dishes making some weird jenga tower on my windowsill. I'm actually one of these people who get bothered by mess but it still happens....why? HOW??
  5. I will never enjoy the sound of screaming children. Ever. Not even my own or my own relatives. I have had a lot of practice with this on the bus, in restaurants, in movie theaters and airports and I STILL hate it with a passion. I can only apologize in advance for my future children's noise level, I really am sorry.
  6. I will always miss being a kid, the older I get the more I just wanna grab my Bratz dolls, grab a Capri Sun and sit my backside in front of the TV watching Lilo & Stitch. I get really sentimental about this actually and I've even cried watching old childhood movies and shows that I loved as a kid. *Sigh*
  7. No matter how mature I try to be, if someone offers me potato smilies or turkey dinosaurs I am on that faster than you can say "toddler". Call me childish, call me strange but I love food in shapes and cool colours.
  8. You don't owe anyone an apology. Don't ever feel that you should apologize for who you are, cause I did that for so long and I refuse to now. You like a certain type of music? Alright then! Like bright green hair? Great! Want fifty cats and a big house to put them in? Me too, but with dogs. DO YOU. 
  9. You cannot predict your future. I know people who have since the age of 11 told me what job they want to do, for how long and where they want to be, and you know how many people have actually done exactly that? None that I know of! Relax, enjoy your life instead of worrying for the future because no matter what you will be met with a whole bunch of surprises.
  10. There isn't enough kindness in the world, not at all. As a kid I used to think everyone was supposed to be nice and kind to others and not rude at all, I was wrong of course. But it makes you wonder how many kids today have that idea, and how we can help them see more kindness instead of being disappointed by rudeness and hatred. Especially recently. Be the kindness you want to see in the world.
  11. Don't stress over small stuff. I am the WORST for this but I'm starting to relax a little, if something isn't super urgent and could result in ghastly consequences then let it go. Whether someone gave you a funny look or you don't agree with someones opinion it doesn't always require an argument or a fight. Does it really matter whose turn it was to wash the dishes? No, just make sure they're done.
  12. Absolutely no one is 100% perfect. Right now there's probably someone or a few people that make you feel like absolute sh*t right? You don't feel as smart as them, or as good looking or even as successful yes? Well guess what, THEY will feel the same way about someone else. So when you put it in that perspective, ever wonder if someones thinking the same thing about you? You'd be surprised.
  13. Don't rush love, it'll happen when it happens and you don't want to saddle yourself with a relationship that isn't the best just because you think thats what love is. I've been there when you have a crush on someone and you start thinking about your future together with them and then one day you get over it and realise how silly you were. You'll know when the real thing happens don't worry.
  14. Cardio isn't as bad as it looks. No really, having recently added more cardio to my workout I feel so much better and can feel a change already in my stamina. Go do some cardio it's not that bad I swear.
  15. People come and go but food is forever, nuff said.
  16. Your instincts are usually right. If there's a situation or person that makes your red flag go up then you're probably onto something. I'm not saying be hostile but definitely keep your wits about you, you never know what could be lurking within that environment.
  17. You can't truly love someone else until you love yourself. Now some may disagree with this one but hear me out; I found when I had major confidence issues I held back in relationships for sure, but when I started to embrace my own body and mind my love for others followed. Think about it for a while.
  18. Most of the friends you make probably won't last longer than a few years at best. We all have friends we've known years and still love to bits but we also have friends that we don't bother with anymore because you either drifted apart or found that you were too different as you grew up. I had a best friend who was in school with me and it wasn't until six or seven years later I realised she wasn't a true friend, she stayed quiet when I got bullied in school and even joined in for a while and traded our friendship for a relationship she complained to me about. Also she had a really annoying laugh and deliberately dumbed herself down to look cute to boys, no loss there!
  19. You only have one set of parents and if you're lucky enough to have good ones TREASURE THEM. I don't see my dad anymore for personal reasons and my mum annoys the hell out of me at times but I wouldn't trade her for anything, and don't forget as we get older so do they. We're too busy growing up to realise that they're getting old as time goes by and we need to care for them.
  20. Pineapple DOES go on pizza don't argue with me on this one.
  21. And finally, no matter how many times I search the washing up bowl for extra stuff before I tip the water out...there's always a teaspoon ready to piss me off by escaping my search.
So that is 21 things I learned in 21 years of life, most of these are quite relatable and I feel a lot of people can agree with these!


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