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New Year, New Blog?

January 02, 2017

Getting to grips with a blog...

Hey there! This is me, my name is Zara Anne Borrelli (or Lonsdale, I go by either) and I'm 21 and completely new to blogging!

So what made me start a blog if I know nothing about it? Well I'm glad you asked!

Firstly, I've always loved writing and posting on social media so why not combine the two? Not to mention this is a great way to find other people with similar interests and showcase what I'm passionate about!

Hey there
About me in general;

Well, as I say I'm 21 and currently I study Medical Studies at a college in the city of Hull. It is extremely difficult at times but I have a love for science and biology in particular and one day I hope to be a rather good microbiologist. I live at home with my mother and rather adorable pup Dean who was a great early birthday present from my boyfriend (I'll get to him later) Craig. I am half Italian and half English and although I live in England I have visited Italy almost every year of my life and embraced my fathers culture along with my everyday English lifestyle.
My relationship status? Ahhh yes my beloved Craig. For two years now I have been his annoying little sweetheart that nags him and encourages him to pluck his eyebrows now and again. We met in 2014 in November after matching on Tinder and after a week we had already met, liked one another and had agreed on a relationship. Almost immediately we had SO MUCH in common and still to this day we share a lot of interests although we do differ in career goals. Whereas I am a big science nerd with a love for the human body, Craig prefers to work on bigger things....much bigger things! He works in a large mechanic company and fixes and maintains trucks and buses for companies that deliver abroad and around the UK. He seems to enjoy tinkering with things and being elbow deep in oil while chatting to his work friends whereas I would rather study the life cycle of moths and the patterns of microbes. Different careers but the same level of enthusiasm. Now my relationship mostly centers around binge watching Netflix, seeing how much pizza we can eat before we're bloated and going out bowling or visiting friends. Here is a sweet little photo of us from our anniversary on 16th November 2016:

Me and Craig
My love...

Now, what makes me tick?

I have several interests that keep me going when I'm not sleeping, learning, eating or watching reruns of Rupauls Drag Race. I also love gaming and every now and again I develop a huge love for the Sims which means I'm glued to the PS3 for days on end.


This is something I've been part of a while now and I enjoy thoroughly. I will most definitely be doing fitness blog posts regularly so if you're interested in fitness please check back once at week at best for those! I'll also be posting healthy meal ideas as well which brings me to my next interest...


Cooking is also something I enjoy and have learned from several members of my family (especially my mother and both grandmothers). My favourite dishes are a blend of both of the cultures I am part of, with Risotto being my favourite Italian dish to cook and Shepherds Pie being my favourite English meal to prepare. I will frequently post about my recipes with full details for anyone interested in making them for themselves or their friends, family or partner!

Okay so I'm just gonna put this out there....I am a HUUUGEEEE Lady Gaga fan, she is my absolute favourite and I adore all her albums, songs, performances and outfits. But apart from my leading Lady I enjoy several other kinds of music, bands are a particular interest of mine ranging from Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men and Bring Me The Horizon to Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi. Along with those I also enjoy some Madonna, Cher, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Adele, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. I will listen almost anything if the mood strikes me and I will definitely do a few posts about my music taste of the day/week/month or any gigs I'm going to so if you like music I will hopefully share some interests with you!

Anyway, as a first time blogger I hope I've been informative and not completely boring. Feel free to get in touch on my social medias listed at the bottom! Happy New Year!

Social Medias:
Instagram: CLICK HERE
Snapchat: itsallzaraa


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