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My New Diet Bible!

January 30, 2017

Hello all! It's Monday once again, where DID the weekend go?? Well, yesterday I stumbled upon a new amazing cook book by Joe Wicks who has three of these books out that I saw, I got the Lean in 15 Lean for life!

This is the one I bought and it is £8 and features post workout meals, a diet and exercise program and a examples of good muscle workouts. All his recipes tell you how many they serve based on the ingredients listed and I've already tried one out!

I tried out the Quesadillas in the "Post Workout" section! Was so lovely and I didn't even need sauce, cheese or many ingredients! I didn't have any fajita seasoning either so I just used cayenne pepper, parsley and garlic powder and mix that with some pepper and salt!

The ingredients listed will make enough for one person so double or triple the ingredients for however many people you plan to cook for. This will keep me full until tea time which is amazing as I ate at 12:00 and tea wont be until 18:00ish!

Try these out for a wonderful Mexican dish thats low in fat and provides protein!

The book!
This is the end result of my quesadillas and they only took about ten minutes to make. I used already cooked chicken breast from the Sunday lunch I had yesterday so raw or frozen chicken breast may take up to twenty minutes longer to prepare. As you can see there's some green pepper in there, as well as some red chilli, red onion and spinach to give it a really tasty flavour despite the simple recipe. 

Instead of coconut oil I used olive oil as the coconut oil I use is for my skin and its not hygienic to cook with for food. I also used chicken instead of steak but you can use anything you like, even beans and chilli for a vegetarian alternative!

This is the dish I plan to do tonight with some salmon, for a protein and fibre packed dinner that will keep my tummy nice and full all night long until tomorrow's breakfast shake (I have college at 9am so I'll be back to rushing about again.) This one is a really simple recipe and only really needs avocado, mushrooms, red pepper and spices and makes for a really good garnish or starter. Hopefully my dish will go well, I've never cooked salmon before but fingers crossed I can make it a splendid meal.
This looks yummy!
This is one of his other books and its specifically for people wanting to build a little muscle and keep a toned figure. Had a quick peep inside the cover yesterday and it has a similar design to the book I use, with recipes ideas, a workout and meal diary and a fitness program in the back. This one is more for getting to a healthy weight with the help of new meal ideas and helping to shed those extra pounds.

I may invest in this one myself in the future but for now I'll take my current book for a test drive and if the first recipe is anything to go by then I'll be kept busy and happy for quite a while! This is also £8 and I found it in Tesco with the other two, check out their book section for details or look online!

Another Joe Wicks book
The third book of his that I saw was this one, again £8, and this one has a lot of stir fry's, noodle dishes and steamed vegetable meals inside for what I assume is for MAINTAINING the "lean in 15" figure, so people who don't want to lose weight per say but would like to keep their weight and figure should check this out!

The thing I love about these books is there are still treat ideas inside, like my book has a recipe for homemade Nutella which is done using almond milk, hazelnuts and chocolate protein powder....and I have all those things why have I only just realise this omgomgomg homemade Nutella ahhhhhh! *ahem* excuse me I just really like Nutella and if I can find a healthy way of eating then by god I shall. But as well as that there are recipes for your own chocolate mousse, pancakes and even pie without added calories or fat!

And another!
Check all of these out at your local Tesco for £8 or online! If you would like me to send you a picture of the Nutella recipe or any others I've mentioned from my book then leave a comment below! Lots of love my amazing readers! 


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  1. Great post! I've never come across these books before but I think I will check them out soon. I love trying out new dishes and experimenting in the kitchen.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Sabah || www.womanishaffairs.org

    1. These books are so helpful! They have vegan dishes, vegetarian dishes and dishes from different cultures in them. All low fat and low calorie as well!

      Thank you!

  2. The green book is my favourite! I haven't tried the quesadillas but they look really tasty so I need to try that recipe out! My faves are any of the pastas, burgers and the chicken in a bag is good too <3


    1. Ooh I need to try those recipes! The quesadillas are lovely I would highly recommend it <3