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Lush Valentine's Day Shopping Trip!

January 19, 2017

 I recently ventured to the Lush store in Hull to purchase some Valentine’s Day products and I was NOT disappointed!

So many bathbombs

They had some super cute bath bombs and bubble bars available but here is a selection of the things the Hull Store does in the terms of Bath bombs. They have some of my all-time favourites such as; The Experimenter, The Intergalactic, Sex Bomb, Dragon's Egg and Twilight. All of these are available at their stores all year round and range from £3.50 to £4.75 in price. .You can already see some of their new bath bombs available for Valentine’s Day in this photo but I will do a run-down of their new products!


Cupid Bath Bombs!

These are super cute and I grabbed myself one without any hesitation! They are called Cupid and retail for around £3. They smell like roses and cotton candy and as you see from the picture they are sweet little pink hearts with a not so sweet pink arrow through them.
 I like these because they smell really feminine and delicate and will definitely make for a sweet and sensual bath time. When in water they leave different shades of pink and white behind and produce a gorgeous smell. I haven't used any of my Valentine’s Day products yet as I want to save them for February and I will do a full review of EACH product, so look out Lushies for that!

Unicorn Horn
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bars!
Oh gosh, these are ADORABLE! I actually had a couple of these last year; one I got in a gift set and one I bought in store at Manchester. They are very smooth and glittery and have a gorgeous rainbow colour about them in the shape of a Unicorns horn.

 I got one of these again because they leave rainbow coloured bubbles in your bath water and who wouldn't love that?? Simply crumble them under the tap or hold them under a running tap to produce sweet smelling bubbles and coloured froth! 
Bath Melt
Two Hearts Bath Melt!
Now these I didn't buy because I haven't yet wandered into the world of the bath melts but I thought they were super cute and quite cleverly designed! The two hearts made of Cocoa butter and Shea butter are joined together in the middle but can be separated if you want two baths out of them.
 These smell really lovely like rose petals and flowers and have a gorgeous texture to them that leaves your skin super soft when you've used them. Like I say I have yet to use a bath melt myself but from what I've seen they're pretty good!

Ladybird Bubble Bard!
Another product I used last year and it is the Lady Bird bubble bar and it is sooo cute! I got this last year as part of their Mother's Day range but this year they decided to bring them out for their Valentine’s Day stock instead, and I'm so happy they did I love these.

 Like with the other bubble bars simply crush it up under the tap or hold it under running water for maximum bubble effect. These make your bath water a cool purple/red colour too and it smells lovely!

Love You Lots Soap!
This is another product I didn't actually buy (I was low on funds sadly) but I may get some when I have some more money because this is so sweet and it smells gorgeous. I still have a soap from their Christmas range but I desperately want a piece of the Lots Of Love soap purely for the smell of rose petals and candy.
 With soaps in Lush I think you can ask them to cut you off pieces as big or little as you like and you pay regarding the weight (kind of like cheese at the market?)

Emoji Bubble Bar!
Now this one I think is really, really fun and creative and this is the Emoji Bubble Bar! They obviously chose the heart eyed emoji for the Valentine’s Day theme and I hope they bring other emoji bubble bars out in the future because they are so sweet. I personally didn't get one of these but my friend Emily did so I can ask her what she thought of it when she's used hers (unless I acquire more money and manage to get one before they sell out.) This smell like lemon, like a super strong citrus smell that I can only describe as a lemon sensation, and have a really gold colour to them when in water (the lady showed us in store what it looks like) which makes your bath golden glitter coloured.

Love Spell
Love Spell Massage Bar!
These are pretty sweet smelling as well and there is definitely a pink, rose petal and candy theme for this range. Now I have a massage bar of my own that I hardly use because I forget it’s there (too busy with bath bombs oops) but the few times I have used it I thought it was lovely.

 These are a sweet smelling massage bar with a hint of spice so they cater to those who like a bit of spice to their skin. Simply rub it in your hands or on your skin and it will leave a silky creamy scent on your skin along with a moisturizing texture.

Rose Bomb
Rose Bombshell Bathbombs!
I had one of these last years and I have to say it is very sensual. The infused rose petals and pink fizzing offer a really relaxing feel to any bath time with them. Pop it in your water and watch it burst open with an adorable pink colour and several blue and red rose petals specifically made for a Valentines bubble bath.

 They smell like pure rose and if you're a fan of this scent then I suggest stocking up because they are gorgeous. They're very very pink (like everything in this range almost) and have small rose shaped decals designed on the outside of the bomb itself.

Lush Hull!

This picture is just a look at the bubble bar bench in the Hull Lush store and as you can see there's our little Lady Bird, the Emoji and all the other bubble bars available! If you live near the store I highly advise checking in to get you or your partner some amazingly sweet and adorable gifts this Valentine’s Day!

 A full review of each of my products will follow after I have used them and I will be doing them one at a time so you can find your favourites.

 Hope you enjoyed my post and I hope the rest of your week is great! That's all for now!


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